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  • Under Construction. Phase 2: Rough layout and typography

    Phase 2 of my boneheaded idea to rebuild my site live is “complete”. This phase was about layout rough-in and beginnings of typography. The horizontal lines are for reference only, they will (probably) go away. Here’s a cheat sheet I put together for the various widths, sizes, etc for my “responsive” site design. It probably…

  • The Biggest Problem with the Amazon Kindle

    I read a lot. Maybe not as much as some, but more than most of my friends who treat me like some sort of freak when it comes to the subject of reading. I’m okay with this abuse. I love the iPad as a platform for reading, and I especially love the Kindle app which…

  • The Global Facebook Obsession

    Astounding video: The World Is Obsessed With Facebook from Alex Trimpe on Vimeo. Which was inspired by this infographic:

  • Unintended Consequences of Digital vs. Paper Books in Research

    I love ebooks. The functionality of full text search, copy/paste/highlight/etc, social sharing, auto-generated highlights indexes, the space savings, all work together to make it a functionally superior format for reading an individual book, but I noticed something important last night while doing some research for a paper.

  • Quick Review of “The Next Story” by Tim Challies

    Several Weeks ago I finished reading a preview copy of The Next Story by Tim Challies. I have been slack in posting a review of this excellent book. If you are interested in how a Christian worldview sees the current tsunami-like influx of media technology, this is a book to read. What is wonderful about…